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White Crater, Bandung. Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih lake (7.10° S 107.24° E) is one of the two craters which make up Mount Patuha, an andesitic stratovolcano (a “composite” volcano). Mt Patuha is one of numerous volcanoes in Java. Kawah Putih crater lake itself represents a relatively stable volcanic system with no records of significant activity since around 1600. (source)

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Där långa skuggor ruva - Part V - III, IV, V, VI
© Heathen Harnow - please do not remove credit

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Detail shots of the airbrushed board for my cousin sadferns

and knowsnotwatitmeans, here is the end result! Thanks for the help finding american traditional tattoos+ideas!

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I’m having a real hard time
Letting go of you.
I want to stay up till sunrise
See the hours no one sees
No one appreciates.
Cause I feel like 4am
For the birds warming up
Before their morning songs
And I yearn for you
Like the sky does to be blue.
But I’m 4am
I’m before the sun kisses your cheeks
When you’re in your deepest sleep.
I cant give you the sky blue
It’s selfish to keep that from you.
Sleep on my love,
Wake when the suns high
When the skies blue
Know that, wherever you are
I’m up at 4 am missin you.

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Table Topography: Wood Furniture Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes by Greg Klassen


sooo cool

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Recent work all by Shaun Bailey at Sacred Electric Tattoo in Leeds (UK)

Contact for bookings. 

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